Industrial processing of plastics

Cooling tower fill type 30,0

  • counter flow cross-fluted cooling tower fill.
  • Minimazing the risk of clogging the fill.
  • Recommending for application with poor water quality.
  • Steady water distribution with maximum cooling performance.
Cooling tower fill type 30,0
Material of film PVC
Fill size (standard) 2400(2000) x 500 x 30 mm
Thickness of film 0,35
Height of wave 30 mm
Hydraulic loading (spray intensity) t/m2/hour
Heat exchange surface m2/m3
Maximum operation temperatures From -50 až +60oC
Weight of cooling fill 19,98 kg/m3
Connecting of fills to blocks Connecting elements
Material of connecting elements HDPE
Block size (13pcs of fills) 2400(2000) x 500 x 400 mm
Packaging – pallet 2400 x 1000 mm 2500pcs of fills

drawing of the radiator filler

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