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Technology for cooling towers

MYTECH s.r.o. is sister company of the company MYPLAST s.r.o. , which is long time producer of cooling technology, that is installed on most of cooling towers on territory of Czech and Slovak republics, countries of former Yugoslavia, Russia, Ukraine and even in such far destinations such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Kuba etc.

Components, proposed by us, are proven by more than 20 year evolution and over this time it has undertaken several changes and improvements .

Technology of a cooling tower includes cooling tower fill, which is assembled into blocks of specially thermoformed PVC film. The blocks are laid in layers as needed. Water distribution with spray nozzles for uniform distrudution is positioned above the cooling tower pannels. 

Drift eliminators are located above the water distribution system and have have a decisive influence on the overall water drift loss. The main function is to separate small drops of water from the air, capture them and divert back into the cooling system. Drift eliminators are built of blocks of a specially shaped blades made from PVC.


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