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Service, reconstruction and modernization of cooling towers

Cooling tower , like any machine or structure , requires maintenance and repairs .

Timely removal of possible defects ( contamination cooling system , eliminators , nozzle clogging and others) helps avoiding not only more equipment failures but also helps to comply with guaranteed cooling parameters .

We provide service, repair and modernization of cooling towers of all types and sizes , please contact us to arrange a free inspection of yours cooling towers.
We offer you our cooperation in the form of free guided tours . We propose the extent of repairs , new supply the necessary technology and will provide all necessary design work.


Within the free inspection we perform the following activities:

  • check the fan unit
  • check eliminators
  • control of water distribution
  • check coolant filler
  • check bearing structure
  • check collecting tank
  • check blinds
  • check sheathing

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