Industrial processing of plastics

Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Induced draft cooling towers are applied at large operations such as power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy. These large cooling towers' structure can be made from reinforced concrete as monolithic or prefabricated or from hot-dip galvanized steel , stainless steel or composite ( FRP ). Casing is usually made from various materials (FRP/GRP, galvanized steel, aluminium, etc). On the roof section of induced draft cooling tower is positioned fan unit with diffuser . This line of cooling towers are installed exclusively onto reinforced concrete basin. Induced draft cooling tower cells are arranged in rows, number of cells depend on amount of cooling water flow.

Induced draft cooling towers are wet atmospheric coolers of water. Incoming heated water is sprayed through nozzles, located in the upper part of the cooler, onto blocks of cooling fill, assembled from shaped plastic sheets. Axial fan on top of the cooler creates under pressure and sucks ambient air through air inlet windows at the lower part of the cooler. Air is flowing from bottom upwards - counter flow of the falling sprayed water.  Heat is exchanged from water to the air. Chilled water is collected in the basin and is pumped back to the cooled mashinery.

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