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Cooling towers

Cooling tower is a device in which comes hot water into direct contact with the ambient atmosphere . Cooling water is sprayed on top of the cooling tower and then flows down through the cooling fills into collecting basin .   A ir, which is sucked from holes in the bottom of the tower , flows a gainst raining water , and cools the hot water. The main source of heat dissipation is evaporation of circulating water. Cooling water is subsequently pumped from the pool by pumps back to the cooled machine ry.

Cooling towers can be categorized by means of air draft:

  • Induced and Forced Draft cooling towers (with fan unit)
  • ​Natural Draft cooling towers

Further categorization is by "openness" of the water circuit:

  • open circuits (hot circulating water is in direct contact with ambient air)
  • ​closed circuits (hot circulating water is flowing in pipe-radiator system and has no contact with ambient air)

Main activities of our Company:

  • erection of cooling towers
  • reconstructions of cooling towers
  • delivery of components for cooling towers
  • service of cooling towers
  • repairs and deliveries for natural draft cooling towers

Our production covers cooling towers with per-section water flow ranging 5 - 3500 m3/hr.

Natural draft cooling tower - counterflow technology

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Induced and Forced Draft cooling towers

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