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MYTECH - Technology for cooling towers

Company MYTECH s.r.o. was founded as specialized company for construction and repairs of cooling towers of all sizes and types.

Founding of our company was a logical outcome of activities of our parent company MYPLAST s.r.o., which is producing technological components for cooling towers since 2002 and supplies Czech as well as foreign markets (Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Russia, Cuba, Brazil etc.).




Plant location of company MYTECH is in Skaštice by Kroměříž city in premises of parent company MYPLAST, from where we also ship all our production.




Commercial and technical offices are located in Prague 4 . There are working expers with long time experience in this sector and guarantee quality of our work.

Company MYTECH possesses all necessary equipment to perform turn-key deliveries.

We believe, that our experience, knowledge and quality of our work and services will become foundation of our long time partnership.

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MYTECH s.r.o

Skaštice 159
76701 Kroměříž

Phone: +420 573 504 142

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